Copland Community School to be renamed after founder of Wembley Stadium

Copland Community School will be renamed Ark Elvin Academy

Copland Community School will be renamed Ark Elvin Academy - Credit: Archant

A troubled secondary school in Wembley will change its name when it becomes an academy in September.

Sir Elvin helped create the old Wembley Stadium (pic credit: PA)

Sir Elvin helped create the old Wembley Stadium (pic credit: PA) - Credit: Topham Picturepoint/Press Association Images

Copland Community School in Cecil Avenue, will become ARK Elvin Academy in honour of a war hero who helped to build the old Wembley Stadium.

Sir Arthur Elvin was a pilot for the Royal Flying Corps during World War One before he spent two years as prisoner of war when he was shot down in France.

He later received a knighthood for his involvement in staging the 1948 Olympic Games in Wembley.

He died in 1957 age 57.

The school, which was placed in special measures by government inspectors Ofsted last May, is the last secondary in the borough still under the care of Brent Council.

Last month Ark Academy, who will take over the school, announced Annabel Bates will become its new principal in the autumn term.

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Staff and pupils have staged six strikes over the academy conversion plans claiming their views have been ignored by education chiefs.

In a further twist, the school has been accused of failing to carry out a full consultation about the name change.

Hank Roberts, a union rep and geography teacher at the school and union rep, said the decision was made with a committee of four staff and six students.

He told the Times: “It is that teachers’ and parents’ collective views count for nothing.

“They don’t even bother with the pretence of consultation any more.”

However Ms Bates refute the claims saying staff members, local pupils, parents and the local community were invited to suggest names during a six-week consultation about the conversion plans which was carried out before Christmas.

She added: “We have high ambitions for every pupil at our school, we want them to be able to build a career that is as successful as Arthur Elvin’s. Our ambition is for every pupil to get good enough results to be able to leave school and go to university or pursue their career of choice.”