Conscientious Brent students win first prize in project to reduce pollution and global warming

Tecaher Himakshi Patel and Convent of Jesus and Mary students have been working on a project to save

Tecaher Himakshi Patel and Convent of Jesus and Mary students have been working on a project to save energy at the school. - Credit: Archant

A group of conscientious students have won first prize in a school project to reduce pollution and global warming.

The Big Energy Project, which was funded by the Transformation Trust, saw Key Stage 3 students at the Convent of Jesus and Mary Language College working together in STEM-based teams to discover where energy is wasted at home and at school.

During the six-week project pupils set out designed an eco school and ran a lights-out campaign to bring about positive change in their daily school lives.

As a result, the school in Crownhill Road, Willesden, will be having double glazing installed in various classrooms ahead of the winter months.

Headteacher Geraldine Freear said: “I am so proud of the girls’ leadership and determination with this project. The accolade of achieving first prize in the 2016 project is testimony to their hard work.

“As always, we encourage the girls to support each other and across the school this year we have a number of ‘lights off days’ demonstrating commitment to the project and love for our world.”

Student Paulina Sowinska said: “Through the energy efficient project I learned that a lot of energy is wasted in classrooms on lighting and that it can be saved by using sunlight.

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“I also learned that there are many ways which we can save energy every day. This will mean that we are reducing pollution and reducing global warming.”

Fellow pupil Himashi Perera said: “This campaign made me realise we are trying to save our earth and save energy by not consuming fuels and contributing to pollution.”

Michaela Arkorful said: “During my experience in the energy efficient campaign I learnt that we can do little things such as closing the windows and turning off the heating.

“I found this interesting because I never took much notice of things like this before our campaign, but now my energy knowledge has expanded. I also enjoyed giving a presentation in assembly. I think I am more confident now.”