Children in Kilburn are struggling to get a school place in Camden

Children from Kilburn are struggling for school places in Camden

Children from Kilburn are struggling for school places in Camden - Credit: Archant

Figures show the ward has the highest number of youngsters who are ‘unplaced’

More children in Kilburn ward have been denied a primary school place in September than in any other part of Camden.

Camden Council figures show that out of 149 applicants, 25 children are classed as “unplaced” with no reception class offer.

Local activist Janet Grauberg said she spoke to a family who failed to get their daughter into a school next to their home in Netherwood Street, Kilburn.

She said: “They can see Kingsgate School from their balcony, but their daughter didn’t get a place there, nor at any of the six schools they listed. This year’s figures show that, yet again, Camden Council is letting Kilburn children down.

“Twenty-five children with no primary school place is virtually a whole class of Kilburn children – leading to real stress for parents and families. And with many new housing developments planned in the NW6 area, it is only going to get worse over the coming years.

Camden Council was unable for comment.

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