Brent schools shake-up after Key Stage 2 levels plummet to the 10th worst in London

Schools in Brent are to be overhauled

Schools in Brent are to be overhauled - Credit: PA Wire/Press Association Images

Primary schools in Brent will be overhauled to halt the failures that have seen Brent plummet to 10th worst for Key Stage 2 in London in just one year.

Academy sponsors could be sought for failing schools following a review of education standards in the borough.

The 77-page dossier, commissioned by Christine Gilbert, the council’s interim chief executive, reveals how bright four-year-olds are falling below the London average by the time they leave primary school.

It says Key Stage 2 standards (pupils aged seven and 11) had deteriorated so much they had slipped from 15th place out of the 32 boroughs in the city in 2012, to 22nd last year.

However the borough’s GCSE results are close to the London average and its Key Stage 5 (age 16 to18) results are higher than the city average. The council has now rubber-stamped a 34-point list of recommendations for all primary and secondary schools.

It recommends the introduction of more places at schools which have been given good Ofsted ratings and the encouragement of school-to-school partnerships to promote good practices.

The council was also urged to set targets for primary and secondary schools and to learn more about each one in the borough to improve their accountability

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Cllr Ruth Moher, lead member for children and young people, said: “Brent’s Labour-run council is relentlessly focused on driving up standards in our schools.

“We see this report as a roadmap for achieving our promise to make sure all schools in Brent are rated good or outstanding by 2017.”

As part of the overhaul, the council will fund a scheme called the Brent School Partnership where they will appoint a full time director, or coordinator, for two years, with a formal review built in to the end of year one.

The council will produce an in-house report using the recommendations suggested. It will be published in September.

Cllr Muhammed Butt, leader of the council, said: “We needed the report to come forward and take a look at areas where there is room for improvement. If we can’t give the best possible start for our children, we are failing in our duties.”