Brent has highest number of pupils going onto further education

Figures have been released in Department of Education report

Brent has the highest number of school leavers going onto further education in London, according to a new report by the Department for Education.

An impressive 91 per cent of the borough’s students opt to continue their education after year 11 – significantly higher than the national average for England which is 85 per cent.

The proportion going on to higher education compares even more favourable with the rest of England – at 72 per cent for Brent as opposed to just 52 per cent nationally.

Brent’s bright students are also ahead of the pack when it comes to the universities they are selected for too.

Of the 1300 students surveyed, 15 per cent had been accepted at prestigious Russell Group seats of learning, compared with only nine per cent nationally.

Cllr. Mary Arnold, Brent’s Lead Member for Children and Families, said: “This is a fantastic record which demonstrates Brent’s high education standards.

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“It is really encouraging to see the track record of good quality progression into further and higher education which rank as highest in the country.

“Being ambitious for our young people is demonstrated by achieving 15 per cent going on to Russell Group universities.

“I would like to congratulate everyone in the schools, the college and in Brent Council for contributing to these achievements.”

Brent came with Redbridge, Sutton and Harrow for having the most number of school leavers who go onto the further education.

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