Actress and artist Koo Stark works on art project at Alperton Community School

Koo Stark is collaborating with Alperton Community School

Koo Stark is collaborating with Alperton Community School - Credit: Archant

A secondary school in Alperton is to collaborate with an American actress and photographer on an ancient Japanese art form and its philosophy.

Koo Stark, a former girlfriend of Prince Andrew, is working with pupils from Alperton Community School in Stanley Avenue, on a visual arts project.

Ms Stark has adapted Kintsugi, an ancient Japanese art of repairing pottery, so it can be used with paper.

She has collaborated with Armando Alemda, head of art at the school.

The project aims to provide social commentary and bring to life an autobiographical portrait of Ms Stark, the first of a series of Kintsugi portraits she is undertaking.

The philosophy behind Kintsugi is that damage, whether it be physical, mental or emotional should be repaired, not hidden or left useless and that restorative work should highlight the damage.

Ms Stark will use gold leaf and good thread to draw attention to the repair - gold represents the precious wisdom which is gained when overcoming adversity.

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Mr McKenna said: “I am delighted that students from Alperton Community School will have the opportunity to work at close quarters with a renowned and celebrated artist. The project is also a wonderful metaphor for education. We all learn from our mistakes.

“We gain strength and wisdom by trying out new activities and reflecting on what we have learned and how we can continue to improve in the future”.