Pupils in Harlesden have written to the Prime Minister with climate concerns as one of their first tasks under a new headteacher.

Leopold Primary School came back in September with a new executive head, Rachel Mollett.

Miss Mollett, who has been a headteacher for 13 years, has an extensive career leading schools in south London and hit the ground running at Leopold Primary by launching a programme of sending letters to Boris Johnson about saving the environment.

And it has gone down well with her pupils.

One child said: "As a class we are very worried about the damage we are all doing to the world and we have to stand united to end it."

"We must do whatever we can to protect the animals and our environment," added another child.

Miss Mollett said: "To promote reading, the whole school had novels about the world and the damage we are doing to it on a daily basis.

"The children read the books in class, had discussions around environmental change and every class, regardless of age were taught how to write persuasive letters.

"The school have now selected a range of the letters and sent them to Mr Johnson to persuade him to take this matter seriously.

‘This is a very important issue that we must all take seriously to protect the world for the children who are now growing up in it," Miss Mollett added.

"The children are very excited to hear back from Johnson and we hope to influence his thinking in this area."

A Government spokesperson said the letter would be "actioned in due course".

“Young voices are essential to drive the climate change conversation into the next generation and this government is absolutely committed to tackling climate change."

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said the "long-awaited COP26 climate summit" was fast approaching.

“We need everyone to bring their ambition and action, so we can limit rising temperatures and set the world on the right path to net zero emissions," he said.

“That means bold commitments on coal, cars, cash and trees to drive forward our green industrial revolution.

“We’ve seen positive progress so far, but it isn’t enough. I look forward to meeting with leaders to make sure COP26 counts.”