Ahead of the local elections, Year 5 pupils at Furness Primary School paraded with a banner demanding an improvement to Brent’s air quality.

Before school the Harlesden students, aged nine and ten, made their point in front of a group of parents, teachers and candidates to the local elections.

They presented the clean air artwork they have created as part of a joint Mums for Lungs and Lin Kam Art project.

Today (May 5) voters are set to go to the polls to decide the make-up of Brent Council.

The artist Linett Kamala, who led the workshops, said: “The project we carried out with Furness Primary School pupils made it clear that the pupils were eager to find out about the impact of air pollution on their health and make a call for action through their artwork.”

Mums for Lungs clean air campaigner Amandine Alexandre added: “They are also acutely aware that solutions exist that will reduce air pollution drastically for the sake of everyone.”