Editor’s comment: Brent Council must take blame for Leopold Primary School fracas

Last week's protest outside Leopold Primary School. Picture: Jonathan Goldberg

Last week's protest outside Leopold Primary School. Picture: Jonathan Goldberg - Credit: Jonathan Goldberg

First of all, I’d like to apologise for taking a week to introduce myself: my name’s Ramzy and I’m the new editor of the Brent&Kilburn Times.

I’ve had a busy fortnight but from time to time I will be showing my face on this page. I promise I won’t only do it when I have something to moan about.

I do, though, have something to moan about this week.

I haven’t seen the independent report that was commissioned by the former chair of governors at Leopold Primary School.

But by remaining silent about its content for months, Brent Council has allowed speculation to turn the playground into a battlefield – not between young children but between grown adults.

The picture we paint on today’s front page is one of chaos. And while the council may not have caused the breakdown in relationships at the school, its reticence has accelerated their decline.

Whatever recommendations the report makes, Brent needs to share and act on them. Doing nothing has bred resentment and left teachers on the brink of downing tools – a decision no worker takes lightly.

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Moreover, the council’s threat to use supply teachers as strike breakers is a low blow, especially from a Labour authority.

The kids at Leopold need their school back, not a glorified creche to tide them over while their teachers stand outside.

Opening the school as normal leaves parents forced to choose between crossing a picket line and taking their children out of school.

What message does that send to the kids at the centre of all this?