Dunne would relish another crack at promotion from the Championship with QPR

QPR defender Richard Dunne

QPR defender Richard Dunne - Credit: PA Archive/Press Association Images

Richard Dunne is unsure whether he will be offered a new contract by Queen’s Park Rangers to play in the Championship next season, but he says he would relish a 46-game season.

Dunne’s current deal with the Rs expires in June and the 35-year-old says his body will be able to withstand another long season.

“I enjoy playing so it doesn’t matter,” he said. “It’s the same length of season, it’s probably less training so it’s easier in that way. I look forward to it. If I get the opportunity to play then great. If not then I move on and find something else hopefully.

“If QPR want me to come back next year, I’m sure they’ll contact me. If they want to try and come back up, then great, I’d love to be part of that.

“In football everything seems to take forever. Any sort of talks or things. It’s been a disappointing obviously end, outcome to the end of the season. It’s disappointing for me.

“I don’t know what they want to do. You just have to wait and see what their aims are for next season and whether they want me to be part of it or not.

“Players are always talking to their agents. I’m not interested in looking around and sniffing out other things. I just want to get the season over with now. I’ve been concentrating on that. Just get it over with.

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Dunne started his career with Everton before moving on to Manchester City and Aston Villa and then joining Rangers on a free transfer in 2013.

Coming towards the end of his second season in W12, he admits the club is different to other teams he has played for.

He said: “Maybe it is a bit different in terms of the ages and the amount of players who are out of contract.

“In the two years that I’ve been here there’s been a lot of turnaround of players and I think since Les [Ferdinand] has come in they are trying to get that younger core of players in.

“I think the club has said that they want to move forward, maybe a change of direction. The young lads that we have coming through, I think there is a decent bunch which could make up a good squad but they probably will need a couple of more experienced players in it.

“Hopefully that will be the way forward for the club and they can become a stable club who produce young players from their own academy.

“The club I think needs to make an effort to come back up because you’ve seen so many other clubs who have just disappeared off the map.

“The fans here definitely don’t deserve that. It’s a club that has been up and down, it needs a bit of stability.”

If the offer doesn’t come from Rangers Dunne is relaxed about the fact he could be looking for a new club again come July.

He said: “It’s different when you are 35 coming up to 36, it’s different because obviously most of your career is behind you.

“For a younger lad I can imagine it is very difficult. For me it’s more a case of trying to get the kids settled in school and should I renew my house for rent or should I leave it and let something go?

“It’s decisions like that, family based where I need to know where I’m going to be settled and where the kids are going to be in school.”

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