Drunk Euro 2020 football fan 'saved from Wembley fall by Brent Council employee'

A view of the pitch at Wembley Stadium.

A drunk football fan almost fell from the highest level of Wembley Stadium during Euro 2020 - Credit: PA Wire/Press Association Images

A drunk football fan almost fell from the highest level of Wembley Stadium while celebrating an England goal during Euro 2020. 

The shocking incident saw the man narrowly saved by a “Brent Council official” from the fall that could have killed him. 

It was revealed in an independent report looking at fans’ behaviour during the tournament over the summer. 

The council employee has not been named in documents.

The staff member recalled how he had to “personally intervene” to stop the fan from falling from the parapet of the fifth level while celebrating. 

An aerial view of Wembley Stadium in 2017. Picture: Steve Parsons/PA

An aerial view of Wembley Stadium - Credit: PA

He said he had “never seen that kind of mess and behaviour” during many years of visiting the stadium and spoke of constant “drunkenness and spillage”. 

The report by Baroness Casey outlined a series of issues at Wembley throughout the Euros, culminating in thousands of ticketless fans storming the ground during the final against Italy on July 11. 

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It described the final as a “day of national shame” as “ticketless, drunken and drugged-up thugs” descended on the national stadium. 

The report criticised the “lack of collective planning” which led to “vulnerable” stewards being unable to cope as 17 disabled entrances and emergency fire doors were broken into. 

The report said that after the match, a Brent councillor, who has not been named, messaged their colleagues saying “bloody hell – what have people done”.

Baroness Casey said Brent Council had expressed concerns at various stages during the tournament, including fears that drunk people could injure themselves inside the stadium.

There were also concerns that fans would be more likely to try and break into the ground as they knew there would be empty seats as it was operating at a reduced capacity due to Covid-19. 

It was suggested that it might be better to open up the stadium completely.

This idea was backed by the Wembley staff, who said it would be easier to manage as it is what they are used to. 

However, it was deemed “too late” to make that decision and there were concerns about “how it would look” given the Covid restrictions.

A Brent Council spokesperson said: “We welcome Baroness Casey’s detailed and balanced report. This is not about a blame game, this is about learning lessons to ensure that the shocking scenes of Euro Sunday can never be repeated. We will work closely with partners, including the FA and Metropolitan Police, to take forward the recommendations.”

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