Dollis Hill man launches self published electronic books

His tales have sold more than 100 copies

An exiled Dollis Hill journalist has set about making his fortune, through selling self published electronic books. Ron Shillingford, who lived in Brent for more than 20 years has began compiling a portfolio of short stories, all of which are available to purchase online.

His tales have already sold more than 100 copies in just a few short weeks and are also available to buy on e-readers including the Kindle.

Mr Shillingford, 53, currently works as a sports journalist in the Cayman Islands but tries to visit his Burnley Road home as often as he can.

Speaking to the Times he explained why he chose to pursue the unlikely career path.

He said: “I always thought about trying to get published in the traditional method, but there are so many potential problems with that route.

“You have to prove you’re capable and find a publisher but with this you can write what you want, if people like it, they buy it.”

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The website allows users to post stories which can then be purchased for 99 cents (64p), half of which goes direct to the author.

The stories, which he writes in his spare time are between 3,000 to 5,000 words and centre on professional women and headstrong characters who triumph in the face of adversity.

He added: “I’ve been inspired by tales I have heard of people who have made millions out of this when they started out with nothing.”

American author, Amanda Hocking, was one such person. A former care worker, she found success using the site and has made $3m since she began her quest last May.

Mr Shillingford has penned 15 titles since he began writing in September and plans to write up to 50 in total.

He said: “It’s really pleasing to actually be able to see how many you are selling rather than speculation and distorted figures.

“You can literally see the number climbing which is really exciting. It’s a hobby at the moment but it brings me great joy and I am making a bit of money on the side which is brilliant.”

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