Disabled widower claims his night care has been withdrawn over �35,000 disagreeement with Brent Council

Local authority demanding money back mistakenly paid into chronically ill man’s bank account

A severely disabled widower claims Brent Council has withdrawn his night care because he unable to pay back �35,000 they mistakenly paid into his bank account.

Dennis Wilson, 49, who lives in Wrottesley Road, Harlesden, with his three children was diagnosed with the rare neurological disorder Guillian-Barr� Syndrome three-and-a-half years ago.

The council began making direct payments into his bank account to pay for his care in September 2010.

But it should have been paid into a new account looked after by a charity called Penderels Trust.

The council now wants the money it incorrectly paid out and is demanding Mr Wilson hands over �35,000.

But Mr Wilson, who says his night care has been cut since the mistake came to light, says the money has been absorbed on looking after his children, bills, clothing and food.

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The former postman, who worked for Royal Mail for 19 years but now cannot walk and is bed bound, said: “I got a phone out of the blue saying if I did not pay �35,000 I would lose my care.

“I said there must have been a mistake and asked why I had not been sent a letter explaining what had happened.

“My night care has now been cut. My children have to look after me before they go to school.

“Every time I call the council no one will listen to me.

“I did not make the mistake. Brent did.”

For the past three months Mr Wilson has been looked after by friends and his children Sharnae, 10, Stefan, 14, and Shenice, 18, at night.

He said: “When I called Penderels to check everything was okay, I was told my account was fine. Why was it allowed to get to this point?

“I didn’t want extra money, I don’t want to be on benefits and had no idea it was being paid into my account.

“Someone should have been there to make sure this never happened. That is what they are supposed to be there for. They made the mistake.”

Close friend, Everton McCalla, helps to look after Mr Wilson. He said: “Dennis didn’t know this money was going into the wrong account but he has been treated like a criminal when he is a very sick man.

“It has put him under a lot of stress. How dare the council call him and say he owes �35,000. I never thought Brent Council would treat someone as bad as this.”

A spokesman for Penderels Trust said: “During the time when payments were incorrectly paid directly to Mr Wilson’s account, they amounted to �35,000.

“Mr Wilson did not have to pay out anything from this account as Penderels Trust continued to pay his staff wages and agency care bills.”

A council spokesman said the local authority was investigating and could not comment.