Disabled driver sees red after being charged �60 to spend a penny

A disabled driver has slammed a parking firm for charging him �60 when he went to the toilet.

Gino Chiappetta, 53, of Rucklidge Avenue, Harlesden, parked in Harlesden Plaza car park to use the public toilet on site not realising blue badge holders need to buy a ticket.

Blue badge holders can park for free on single yellow lines, residents’ bays and council-run car parks. Some private car parks also offer a concession.

But the car park managed by London Car Parks (LCP) does not offer a discount.

Mr Chiapetta said: “I am disgusted. I have a weak bladder so parked up for a few minutes to use the loo.

“They have reduced my fine to �30 but I am unhappy.”

A spokesman for LCP said it was introduced a charge for disabled drivers due to blue badge fraud and misuse.

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He added: “Our signs are prominent throughout the car park, and any driver within the UK should know to read the signs within any off-street car park before leaving their vehicle for any length of time to ensure they are compliant with stated site terms and conditions.”