Dawn Butler MP to stand as deputy leader of the Labour Party

Dawn Butler MP for Brent Central

Dawn Butler MP for Brent Central - Credit: Archant

Dawn Butler MP has confirmed she will throw her hat in the ring to become the Labour Party’s next deputy leader.

The Brent Central MP told his paper she was "going for deputy" when pressed over the party's leadership vacancy.

She has been accused on social media site Twitter of "blocking" people who are campaigning for her to be the party's next leader.

She said: "Why would I block anyone wanting me as leader? It's an honour for people to view me in that light."

Jeremy Corbyn, whose party suffered huge losses on Friday, said he will not stand as leader at another general election. Labour has entered a furious blame game following its crushing defeat in northern heartlands where many voters had voted to leave the EU.

Many believe Corbyn lost the election while others blamed Brexit and the media portrayal of the Islington MP.

Responding to speculation that Barry Gardiner will stand for the deputy leadership role, the Brent North MP, said: "It is simply speculation. What is needed now is an analysis not a blame game or a rush to judgement."

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