Dawn Butler MP honoured with Blue plaque in Waltham Forest

Dawn Butler has been  honoured with blue plaque in Waltham Forest

Dawn Butler has been honoured with blue plaque in Waltham Forest above where her father's bakery used to be. Here with (L_R) Cllr Paul Douglas, mayor Elizabeth Baptiste and John Cryer MP - Credit: James May

Dawn Butler MP has been honoured with a Blue Plaque in Waltham Forest, where she was born and raised.

The Brent Central MP has been celebrated by Waltham Forest Council as a local hero and in recognition of her contributions to politics and community activism. 

The plaque was unveiled on Tuesday (June 29) above the Farm Community Kitchen, in Can Hall Road, formally Butlers Bakery .

The Blue Plaque honouring Dawn Butler MP at the site of her father's bakery where she grew up in Waltham Forest

The Blue Plaque honouring Dawn Butler MP at the site of her father's bakery where she grew up in Waltham Forest - Credit: James May

Dawn worked at her father’s bakery when she was younger baking bread and cakes and serving in the shop. 

“This is one of the most treasured honours in my life," Ms Butler said:

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"I have been committed to service from the moment I could remember and this love of serving the community was instilled in me by my father.  

"He was a great man, he always wanted the world to be a better place, he didn’t understand why racism existed and he went through so much but was never bitter, he just wanted change.  

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"I think of him every day and to think that there will be a blue plaque in perpetuity, which honours his hard work makes me very proud.

"I am sure he will be smiling down proud of his little girl.”

The Labour MP won Brent South in 2005 with a landslide majority of more than 11,000.

In 2009 she was the first Black woman to speak at the dispatch box in the House of Commons.

She set up Brent’s Youth Parliament while minister for young citizens and youth engagement under Gordon Brown.

Last year Ms Butler was named one of the 25 most influential women in the UK by Vogue magazine.

Dawn was named both Labour MP of the Year and Overall MP of the Year in 2017 and 2018 by the Patchwork Foundation. 

The plaque was commissioned as part of the Waltham Forest Council’s public Pick our Plaques campaign where local residents picked heroes that have a connection to the area.

English Heritage was not involved in this blue plaque – to be awarded an official English Heritage plaque, the proposed recipient must have died at least 20 years ago.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said Dawn is "one of the most talented and committed people I have encountered in politics". 

"She is passionate about community and an inspiration to many Londoners and I am so proud to see her honoured in this way," he said.

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