Daring Derren Brown delights once again

Latest show brings together all the elements which have made the illusionist so successful

At the start of his show Derren Brown promises to possess one member of the audience.

He also asks the audience to promise not to tell anybody present what happens from that point onwards, which makes writing a review somewhat tricky, if you pardon the pun.

Without giving too much away, it is fair to say ‘Svengali’ is a magical evening filled with mystery and intrigue and is likely to leave you walking away scratching your head in wonderment.

His usual mix of magic, misdirection, psychology, suggestion and showmanship is evident once again and, alongside a healthy helping of humour, is blended to perfection.

Audience participation is at the heart of this show where balloons with raffle tickets inside are blown into the crowd, flying discs are flung far and wide while at one point spectators are encouraged to throw paper into a bin held aloft by Brown.

Later on, armed with just a torch, the award-winning illusionist manages to uncover the darkest secret of one unlucky theatregoer.

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He is also able to establish that one volunteer is a banker merely from his approach to the stage and his stance while a quick sniff of another’s hand is enough to deduce he works as an electrician.

Those in attendance may not exit the Shaftesbury Theatre possessed but they will no doubt leave captivated.

‘Svengali’ is on six nights a week and runs until July 16th. For tickets call 020 7379 5399 or visit www.shaftesburytheatre.com.