Willesen drug addict mum who sold family passports spared jail after judge tells her ‘Look after your boy’

Money was used by mother-of-one to buy drugs.

A mother-of-one who peddled passports belonging to her relatives to fund her drug habit walked free after a judge told her: ‘Look after your boy.’

Priscilla Sherlock, 25, of Mayo Road, Willesden, was caught in a sting operation after police in Barnet set up a shop where stolen documents could be traded by criminals.

Sherlock sold three Irish passports and a driving licence to undercover police at the premises in Cricklewood Lane, before she was arrested, Wood Green Crown Court heard.

Judge Shaun Lyons said the documents could have ended up in the hands of terrorists but spared Sherlock jail after hearing she is now trying to tackle her drug problem.

Prosecutor Adrian Flasher said Sherlock first visited the premises with her boyfriend on May 4, 2010 and sold a driving licence to an undercover officer for �40.

She returned in February this year – calling herself Cilla - and sold two Irish passports in the names of Patrick and Christina Sherlock, for �200.

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Sherlock returned again three days later and sold another Irish passport in the name of Catherine Sherlock for �100, the court heard.

She was arrested on July 4 and owned up to her crimes.

Defending, Venky Krishnan said: “Her son is in the care of his grandparents and she has undertaken steps to address her drug habit.”

Judge Shaun Lyons sentenced Sherlock to a 12-month sentence suspended for one year.

Sherlock was also ordered to complete 100 hours unpaid work, undergo supervision for 12 months and complete a drug treatment programme.

Judge Lyons also ordered the passports be forfeited. He added: ‘Look after your boy - that’s your principal job, and get rid of your drug problem.’

Sherlock admitted three counts of possession identity documents with intent.