Willesden man cleared of killing Canadian pensioner with a push

Keith Norbrega died on New Years Day (Pic credit: keithnobrega.blogspot.co.uk)

Keith Norbrega died on New Years Day (Pic credit: keithnobrega.blogspot.co.uk) - Credit: Archant

A builder from Willesden accused of causing a pensioner’s lethal heart attack after calling his sister ‘big a**e’ was cleared of manslaughter today.

The Old Bailey heard claims that Janusz Plethiewicz, 44, of Roundwood Road, shoved Canadian pensioner Keith Norbrega, 71, against a parked car after launching a verbal tirade against his sister Eve Norbrega.

Mr Norbrega suffered a massive heart attack and died hours after the incident on January 1 this year.

Plethiewicz who had been drinking, admitted being close to the pensioner, but denied ever touching him.

The victim had travelled to the UK from Toronto to see his younger brother Bruce and their sister her home in Roundwood Road, when the row broke out.

They were all sitting out in a car parked outside when Plethiewicz, who lived above Mrs Norbrega, started calling her ‘big arse’, the Old Bailey heard.

There had been a long-running feud between the neighbours, and the police had been called on several occasions.

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Mr Norbrega who suffered a heart aneurysm in 2008, approached Plethiewicz to try and calm the situation down.

The ‘fit and healthy’ Pole was accused of then shoving the elderly man in the chest, causing him to stumble backwards against the car, allegedly sparking his heart attack.

But a post-mortem report revealed Mr Norbrega had ‘significant issues’ with his heart that meant that he could have died at any time, jurors heard.

Thanking the jury, Judge Paul Worsley QC said: “I hope the family will appreciate the care with which this case has been presented and also respect the jury’s verdict in what I acknowledge is a very sad case.”

Plethiewicz thanked the jury as he left the dock.