Willesden Green woman arrested following racist anti-Muslim rant on bus in Stonebridge

A woman from Willesden Green has been arrested

A woman from Willesden Green has been arrested - Credit: Archant

A woman from Willesden Green has been arrested in connection with an incident on a bus in Stonebridge where a group of Muslim women were subjected to a racist tirade.

The 36-year-old is being questioned on suspicion of a racially aggravated public order offence following video footage emerging which shows a mother calling the women ‘Isis b*****s’ and telling them ‘to go home and make a bomb’.

During the shocking five minute video clip the mother, who has her child in a pram with her, tells one of the women who is pregnant: “I could kick you in your stomach. I could pick up that large veil and kick you in your stomach” while travelling on the 206 in Knatchball Road.

At the beginning of her rant she said to the same woman: “Talk your f*****g language…carry on laughing with your bombs hidden under your f*****g clothes.

“Go back to your f******g country where they are bombing every day.”

As another woman tries to intervene she says: “Look at your gums. You come to England, take all our money but you don’t take the f******g dentist.

“Go home and make a bomb.”

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As the argument escalates the bus driver stops the vehicles and appeals for calm but once he continues driving the row erupts again when the angry woman starts videoing the group with her mobile phone.

The pregnant woman tried to stop her which ignites the row and the driver stops the bus again but this time threatens to terminate the service before the video ends.

The woman was arrested in connection with in the incident on Tuesday at 10.30am and is currently in police custody.

Anyone who has information that may assist investigation, or was on the bus when the footage was taken, is asked to call the Metropolitan Police Service on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 11

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