Wife of a jihadist fighting in Syria ‘encouraged their sons to admire his crusade’

Amal El-Wahabi is from north west London (Pic credit: Central News)

Amal El-Wahabi is from north west London (Pic credit: Central News) - Credit: central news

The British Muslim wife of a jihadist fighting in Syria vowed to encourage her sons to admire their absent father’s terrorist crusade, the Old Bailey heard.

Amal El-Wahabi, 27, from north west London, is said to have arranged for her friend Nawal Msaad, also 27, to smuggle 20,000 Euros in her knickers to give to husband Aine Davis.

When Msaad was stopped at Heathrow airport, allegedly en route to the border between Syria and Turkey, she pulled the tightly-rolled notes wrapped in clingfilm from between her legs.

The court has heard Davis was in Syria with jihadi forces, but kept in contact with his wife through the messaging app WhatsApp.

Davis sent her a string of photos and videos promoting his jihadi cause and lectures by al Qaeda high commander Anwar Al-Awlaki.

On January 11, he sent his wife a picture of the now-deceased radical Islamic preacher, along with the phrase: ‘Mujahideen is a gift and blessing from the Lord of the universe and is not a loss.’

Davis is said to have been the architect of the plot for Msaad to smuggle money to him on January 16 this year.

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Prosecutors allege El-Wahabi had agreed to fly out to join her husband, and enlisted her friend Msaad to smuggle funds for them.

The jury were told police recovered an iPod from El Wahabi’s house with lectures by Al-Awlaki and radical preacher Abu Hamza calling for violent jihad and martyrdom.

Msaad from Holloway, and El-Wahabi, , both deny becoming concerned in a funding arrangement as a result of which money was made available or was to be made available to another, and they knew or had reasonable cause to suspect that it would or may be used for the purposes of terrorism.

The trial continues.