Wembley man jailed for making false phone calls to emergency services

Mitul Purohit, 37, made the calls while serving a suspended sentence for committing the same offence before

A Wembley man who made numerous false phone calls to the emergency services claiming he had been beaten up has been jailed.

Brent Magistrates’ Court heard Mitul Purohit, of St John’s Road, made around 11 phone calls to the London Ambulance Service in the early hours of August 18 claiming to have been assaulted.

The 37-year-old made the calls while serving a suspended sentence for an identical offence.

Last week, he was convicted of ‘persistently make use of public communication network to cause annoyance/inconvenience/anxiety’ and sentenced to 18 weeks imprisonment.

He was also handed down a 12-week sentence on top for breaching his suspended sentence.

A Brent Police spokesman said: “We are pleased with the sentence that Mr Purohit has been given.

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“False calls to the 999 system takes up precious time and could prevent someone who really needs help from getting through and could slow down response to a genuine emergency.”