Wembley hotel porter jailed for raping celebrity guest in her room

John Soby has been jailed for 10 years

John Soby has been jailed for 10 years - Credit: Archant

John Soby, 25, attacked the female at the Hilton London Metropole in Marylebone

A hotel porter from Wembley who raped a celebrity guest after sneaking into her bedroom as she slept was jailed for 10 years today.

Southwark Crown Court heard Soby John, 25, of Scarle Road, attacked the woman at the Hilton London Metropole in Marylebone, last October 25.

The victim, in her early 20s, said she felt ‘immobilised’ and ‘unable to defend herself’ after John used his key card to break into her room and forced himself on her.

The Indian national then took ‘intimate’ photos on his mobile phone.

John, an agency worker, also used a blue latex glove as a ‘crude’ makeshift condom.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had been enjoying a boozy night out at West End nightclub with friends on the night of the attack.

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She was ‘extremely drunk’ when she got back to the hotel and went to bed.

When friends checked on her at 3am she was ‘deeply asleep’ and she did not realise she had been attacked until she woke up five hours later.

The court heard the victim suffered massive anxiety and is frightened of staying in hotels and going out on her own or being on her own.

John claimed the attack was due to him ‘floundering’ in British culture

His claim was rebuffed by Judge Alistair McCreath, who said: “I recognise that you are relatively young and brought up in a different culture from the culture in which this terrible offence took place.

“But the reality is that you had sexual intercourse with a woman who was so drunk as to be insensible, and whatever cultural values you may have been brought up with, I don’t for a moment accept they condone the non-consensual intercourse with a woman who was so drunk as to be insensible.”