Wembley handyman accused of stealing £10 picnic blanket in Fleet Street

Fleet Street is in central London (Pic: Google)

Fleet Street is in central London (Pic: Google) - Credit: Archant

A handyman from Wembley is accused of helping a colleague to steal a £10 picnic blanket in a £3,000 theft racket.

Oswald Bramble, 51, of Lister House in Barnhill Road, allegedly helped 19-year-old Michal Morawski who is claimed to have used an electronic skeleton key to steal cash and property worth thousands from companies in Fleet Street in central London.

City of London Magistrates’ Court heard Morawski had access to the businesses in through his job with Tradesmen of London where Bramble also worked.

The court was told on eight occasions between December 12 and January 6 Morawski accessed the buildings in the middle of the night.

He allegedly helped himself to three iPhones, a £1,300 Mac Book and a Barbour Jacket, as well as any cash left lying around.

He is also accused of stealing the blanket alongside Bramble.

The total value of the thefts was around £2,850.

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Morawski was arrested after several business, software company Floor Back Base, business data firm Receipt Bank and business consultants Set Advisory Ltd reported the thefts to the police and he was allegedly caught on CCTV entering the premises on the night the items went missing.

Prosecutor Kate Shilton said: “The premises were targeted, and it is higher culpability because it was repeat offending and the same premises were repeatedly targeted.”

Bramble, who faces one count of theft, elected to have his case heard in the crown court and will appear at the Old Bailey on May 31 for a preliminary hearing.

Morawski, from Enfield, north London, is due to face trial at City of London Magistrates Court on August 18.

Both granted bail on the condition they do not contact their colleagues at Tradesmen of London.