Wembley filmmaker accused of smuggling baking powder into the UK

Stanley Okoro is accused of smuggling baking powder into the UK

Stanley Okoro is accused of smuggling baking powder into the UK - Credit: PA Wire/Press Association Images

Stanley Okoro is claimed to have been carrying out a ‘cocaine dummy run’ for drug mules

A filmmaker from Wembley is facing drug smuggling charges after flying into the UK with 88 wraps containing just baking powder in his stomach.

Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court heard Stanley Okoro, 31, of Dagmar Avenue, was stopped at Heathrow Airport when the suspicious packages of white powder were identified at customs.

Prosecutors have accused him of carrying out a ‘dummy run’ for drugs mules bringing cocaine into the country on February 27.

But Okoro argues he has not committed a crime after swallowing wraps containing baking powder.

His lawyer said: “Mr Okoro knows it is illegal to import drugs into the UK, that’s why he hasn’t brought drugs into the UK.

“Mr Okoro was interviewed and gave a very detailed and frank account, and of course accepts the circumstances are unusual, possibly even bizarre.

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“He is absolutely adamant these are not drugs.”

Prosecutor Kevin Christie said the powder has not yet been analysed, but if it proves to be baking powder, Okoro could still have committed a crime.

He said: “The crown’s case is this gentleman entered the UK with 88 packages in his stomach.

“He was paid £2,500 for doing this.

“The act of performing a dummy run is enough to be culpable.”

Mr Christie said the powder, if it turns out to be the class A drug, would have a street value of £20,000.

Okoro was freed on bail to live with his fiancé, Precious Jasons, who is expecting their first child together.

He will return to court on April 17 for a committal hearing, by which time the powder will have been analysed.

He denies being knowingly concerned in fraudulently evade, or attempt to fraudulently evade authorities over the importation of a quantity of cocaine.