Wembley conman accused of murder admits moving the victim’s body into his car

Carole Waugh

Carole Waugh - Credit: Archant

A professional conman from Wembley told a court how he felt sick as he dragged the body of murdered millionairess from under a bed and forced it into a bag.

The Old Bailey heard claims that Rakesh Bhayani, 41, of Chamberlayne Avenue, and Nicholas Kutner, 48, from Kentish Town, murdered Carole Waugh from Marylebone, so they could gamble away her life savings in London’s casinos.

The 49-year-old victim was working as an escort and Bhayani had met her after answering her Gumtree advert.

He claimed they began a casual affair that she had agreed to disappear from the country so that he could carry out a various frauds using her name, with accomplice Kutner.

But Bhayani insisted he had no idea she had died or how until Kutner told him at a meeting.

On the following day, April 24 last year, they went back to the flat to move the body.

Bhayani said: “The body seemed to me like it was just like it would have been at the time of the incident.”

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He said they struggled to cram the body in a bag before they placed it in a Volkswagen Golf he had just bought.

Asked who he thought the killer was Bhayani said he thought it could have been one of Miss Waugh’s ‘clients’

Bhayani admitted carrying on with the fraud after he knew Miss Waugh was dead.

Her body was found in the garage on August 2 last year.

She had been killed with a stab wound to the neck

Kutner and Bhayani both deny murder but admit conspiracy to defraud.

Elie Khoury, 40, from Paddington, denies conspiracy to defraud.

Bhayani has admitted conspiracy to pervert the course of justice while Kutner denies the charge.

The trial continues.