Wembley carer jailed for conning elderly client out of everything she owned

Magdalena Swiercz and her cousin Stefan Kryzewski targeted dementia sufferer in her eighties

A callous carer who conned her elderly vulnerable client out of everything she owned has been sent to jail

Magdalena Swiercz, 56, from Wembley, stripped the woman of all her assets after being entrusted to look after her through her links with the Catholic Church.

The victim, who was in her eighties, victim, needed live-in help as she was suffering from memory loss.

Harrow Crown Court heard Swiercz was motivated by greed as she was paid a generous wage which incurred no expenses.

Swiercz and her 60-year-old cousin Stefan Kryzewski stole more than �150,000 from their victim, persuaded her to sign her house over to them and name them as the sole benefactors of her will.

In 2006 police were called to the 85-year-old’s address where she was found in a distressed, unkempt and untidy state.

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She was taken to a residential home where she was diagnosed with severe dementia.

However, the pair’s scam only came to light in 2009 when it was discovered they had continued to claim the woman’s pension while she living in the home.

She died in February this year age 91.

Last week Swiercz and Kryzewski, a welfare laywer, were sentenced to four and five years, respectively, for multiple counts of theft.

Detective Sergeant Harvey, investigating officer, said: “The defendants were both well educated people, who knew better, but were governed by sheer greed.

“Unscrupulous people believe they can get away with abuse, as the victim’s cannot speak up for themselves. This conviction hopefully will send out a message that Brent Police are committed to safeguarding the interests of vulnerable people and will persist to protect them and bring offenders to justice.”