Waugh killer to be sentenced

Carole Waugh

Carole Waugh - Credit: Archant

A Wembley conman who murdered a millionaire woman to gamble away her home and savings is facing life behind bars.

Rakesh Bhayani, 41 of of Chamberlayne Avenue stabbed Carole Waugh, 49 to death in her Marble Arch flat and dumped her body in a car boot.

Bhayani together with his accomplice, Nicholas Kutner 48 from Kentish Town stripped the late Ms Waugh of her assets to fund their luxurious lifestyle.

The jury found Bhayani guilty of murder. Kutner was cleared of murder but convicted of perverting the course of justice by helping to cover up the killing.

A third man, Elie Khoury, 40, said to have helped to recruit the impersonators was cleared of conspiracy to defraud.

The pair are due be sentenced tomorrow.