Two Neasden burglars, 17, banned from entering stranger’s properties in London

Samim Islami, left, and Adel Yussuf have been given three-year CRASBOs

Samim Islami, left, and Adel Yussuf have been given three-year CRASBOs - Credit: Archant

A pair of convicted 17-year-old burglars from Neasden have been banned from entering any stranger’s property in London for the next three years.

Adel Yussuf, of Rainsborough Close, and Samim Islami, of Lovett Way, both on the St Raphael’s Estate, have been handed Criminal Anti-social Behaviour Orders (CRASBOs) forbidding them from going near any residential premises they have no connection with.

The only exceptions are if they working at the time as a postman or delivery man etc.

If they breach the order they could be hauled before the courts and fined or given a custodial sentence.

PC David John from Brent’s Anti Social Behaviour Team, said: “Brent Police and Brent Council Anti Social Behaviour Unit will target all criminals who commit such offences with similar Anti-social Behaviour Orders and make every effort to bring the full weight of this legislation onto their shoulders.

“We hope that this will help to prevent further offending and deter those who would wish to commit such crimes in the future.”

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