Two men found guilty of kidnapping and murdering drug dealer in Kilburn hostel

Ferell Benjamin, 28, was beaten and tortured after being snatched from his home in Edgware

Two men who kidnapped a father before torturing him to death in a Kilburn hostel will be sentenced today (Monday).

Craig Smith, 23, from Harrow, and Tex Crawford, 20, of no fixed address, abducted drug dealer Ferell Benjamin after tricking their way into his home in November 14, 2010.

The Old Bailey heard the 28-year-old was bundled into the boot of his own car and taken to the hostel in Burton Road where he was beaten and scalded with boiling water until he handed over information about his stash of money and drugs.

His body was found in the hostel’s communal toilet the next day.

Detectives investigating Mr Benjamin’s death discovered he was leading a secret life as a class A drug dealer who went by the street names ‘Kingy’ or ‘Blacks’.

Samuel Prime-Fearon, 25, who lived in the hostel, was unanimously cleared of murder, manslaughter and false imprisonment.

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He claimed he had been in his room listening to loud music when the killing took place and insisted someone else must have let Smith and Crawford into the building.

Tasheika Campbell, 22, who let Smith and Crawford into the victim’s home, will be sentenced for conspiracy to rob.

She was cleared of kidnap.

Detectives believe she was recruited by her boyfriend Mustafa Ali, a rival drug dealer, who also took part in the attack but has fled the country.

Another suspected kidnapper has never been identified.

A juror tried to storm out of the courtroom today after Smith and Crawford were found guilty of conspiracy to rob, kidnap, false imprisonment and murder on Friday afternoon.

The man rose from his seat and headed for the exit before he was ordered back to his seat by Judge Stephen Kramer QC.

Another juror refused to return to court following the interruption.