Three men found guilty of the murder of Sabrina Moss in Kilburn

Killers (left to right): Hussian, Warren and James

Killers (left to right): Hussian, Warren and James - Credit: Archant

Three men have been found guilty of gunning down an innocent nursery teacher with a Mac 10 submachine gun as she celebrated her 24th birthday in Kilburn.

Sabrina Moss was shot dead in Kilburn

Sabrina Moss was shot dead in Kilburn - Credit: Archant

Sabrina Moss, from Neasden, was shot dead outside Woody’s Grill in Kilburn High Road, in the early hours of August 24 last year.

Hassan Hussain, 29, Cranhurst Road, Willesden Green, Yassin James, 20, Chaplain Road, Wembley, and Martell Warren, 23, of Napier Road, Kensal Green, have all been convicted of the mother-of-one’s murder today.

Her friend Sabrina Gachette, also 24, was lucky to survive after being blasted in the back with a sawn off shotgun during the attack.

The two women were only hit because they were standing next to the intended targets - members of the South Kilburn Gang (SKG).

Simon Baptiste

Simon Baptiste - Credit: Archant

Miss Moss, who worked at Alice’s Wonderland nursery in Stonebridge, and had a four-year-old son, had spent the evening partying in the VIP area of Love and Liquor nightclub in Kilburn High Road.

They then moved down the road to the fast food restaurant and at around 3am moved under the awning of a neighbouring grocery store to shelter from the rain while smoking a cigarette.

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By chance they were joined by Edson Da Silva, Mahad Ahmed and their friends, all suspected members of the SKG.

They were unaware that the killers had been watching the group all night.

CCTV cameras captured two gunmen - Hussain and James - approaching the scene with their hoods up and carrying a Mac10 ‘spray and pray’ submachine gun and a sawn-off shotgun.

Hussain fired six bullets with the Mac10 and James fired his shotgun twice as they approached the group of men and women under the awning.

Miss Moss was hit in the chest and Miss Gachette took the full force of 50 shotgun pellets in the back as she turned to run.

Many are still inside her body.

Both Mr Da Silva and Mr Ahmed were also injured.

Detectives believe the attack was linked to a drugs-based turf war between Hussain and the SKG - also known as Family About Cash (FAC) or Money Making Family (MMF).

Warren, the getaway driver, is also associated with the Kensal Green Boys (KGB), a gang which has been involved in a deadly tit-for-tat dispute with the SKG since 2007.

Hussain, James and Warren were all convicted murder of Sabrina Moss and the attempted murder of Miss Gachette at the Old Bailey.

The three men were also convicted of conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm, two charges of possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life, two counts of attempted murder of two suspected members of the SKG.

Simon Baptiste, 29, of Rondu Road, Cricklewood, who allowed the alleged gunmen use his house as a base for the killing was also convicted of conspiring to cause grievous bodily harm.

The three killers now face minimum sentences of at least 30 years behind bars.

All four will be sentenced on September 12.