Teen strangulation robber has jail term increased to protect the public

Reny McLeod has been jailed for 11 years in total

Reny McLeod has been jailed for 11 years in total - Credit: Archant

A teenager sentenced today for a series of strangulation robberies on lone women had his jail term increased by three year to protect the public.

Junior Cooper was jailed last month

Junior Cooper was jailed last month - Credit: Archant

Remy McLeod, 19, teamed up with Junior Cooper, 35, of Bruckner Street, Queen’s Park, to attack two of his victims in Marylebone and St John’s Wood, 30 minutes apart on November 15 last year.

His first victim was throttled from behind until she could not defend herself before they stole her expensive ear-rings.

They tried to snatch her Rolex watch and handbag but she resisted and they fled without them when a passerby intervened.

In the second attack the woman was grabbed by the throat and had her handbag snatched.

He struck a third time with three accomplices in St John’s Wood after they forced their way into a woman’s car before ripping out her earrings from her ears and stealing her Rolex watch on December 10.

The jewellery was worth a total of £50,000.

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Today at Southwark Crown Court he was sentenced to eight years for conspiracy to rob but this was extended by three years he was considered him a significant danger to the public and a risk of re-offending.

He was also sentenced to six months for possession of an offensive weapon. Both sentences will run concurrently.

Last month Cooper, who shared gang connections with McLeod, was jailed for nine years.

A third man was acquitted in court and the case against a fourth suspect was discontinued.

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