Suspected brothels in Wembley raided by police

One punter was given a dressing down by cops

Suspected brothels in Wembley were visited by the police in a clampdown on illegal sex workers this afternoon (Friday).

Officers from Brent Police politely knocked on the doors at six addresses where they found half were operating as houses of ill-repute.

The owners and workers in all three brothels were issued with a ‘first stage’ warning.

This means if the receive two further warnings the police will close their premises for good.

One red-faced punter caught with his trousers down was also issued with a warning.

In one house an audacious price list for services available was openly on display.

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Inspector Bryan Reilly, who lead the operation, said:“This operation was to target the people causing nuisance and harassment to the local community and respond to fears of the control and management of prostitution.

“It is not acceptable for law abiding residents to suffer the effects of having this type of activity taking place in their community and this is an excellent example of the Safer Neighbourhoods Team working closely with residents to ensure that Brent remains a safe and pleasant environment for the whole community.”