Suspect in Kilburn pub robbery attempt arrested after victim recognises him in hospital

Both men were seeking medical treatment after being injured during struggle

A suspected robber injured during a struggle with his victim is under arrest after the two men bumped into each other at hospital.

Police were called to reports of an attempted robbery at the Brondes Age pub in Kilburn High Road, Kilburn, yesterday morning, after a cleaner managed to fight the suspect off.

During the struggle both men were hurt when a door which the suspect tried to force open slammed on their hands.

The suspect fled the scene but was recognised by the cleaner when they both turned up at the same hospital for treatment.

The 28-year-old was arrested and is currently under police guard at the hospital.

Brian Manion, owner of the pub, criticized the police saying they had a slow response time which resulted in the venue being closed for six hours.

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He said: “It took them five hours to arrive and then another 45 minutes to take the evidence. When you are trying to run a business this was far too long.”

A Camden Police spokeswoman, who refused to name the hospital involved, said: “The venue was closed so that officers could gather all the evidence related to the incident and could investigate the circumstances.

“It is usual practice to preserve the crime scene after an incident has taken place to avoid any evidence being contaminated.

“A thorough investigation must take place in order apprehend any suspects involved and aid the prosecution.”