Shocking injuries of Brent pensioner, 90, violently attacked in her own home

Iris Warner was attacked in her own home

Iris Warner was attacked in her own home - Credit: police

The children of a 90-year-old pensioner who was severely beaten in her own home have released shocking photos of her injuries with the hope of catching her attacker.

Iris Warner was attacked in her own home

Iris Warner was attacked in her own home - Credit: police

Iris Warner had been severely beaten when she was found at her home in Brampton Road by her son Jeffrey on Monday.

She was slipping in and out of consciousness, and medics deemed her to be in a critical condition.

Although her condition has improved and she has recovered consciousness, she remains seriously ill and requires ongoing and intensive treatment.

Jeffrey, 60, his sister Lesley Tranter, in her 50s, have released photos of their mother in her hospital bed, which show the terrible bruising she has been left with all over her face and down the entire length of her body.

Iris Warner before she was attacked

Iris Warner before she was attacked - Credit: police

Jeffrey said: “We are shocked and appalled at the violence used against our mother Iris, better known as Anne to her friends and family - a defenceless 90-year-old-woman.

“It has left us feeling stunned and sickened. We appeal for anyone with information that could assist police in their investigation to come forward. The person responsible must be brought to justice.”

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Before the attack Iris was highly independent, and used the bus to shop at nearby supermarkets. She was fond of crosswords and would visit the local newsagent every day.

Officers believe she was attacked at some point between midday on Saturday and midday on Monday, but she has been unable to provide a definitive account of events.

Iris Warner was attacked in her own home

Iris Warner was attacked in her own home - Credit: police

Iris has told officers she does remember being woken up in bed by a man standing over her who she believes struck her in the face multiple times with some kind of instrument - but she cannot provide any further description of her assailant.

Her bedroom had been left in disarray, but it has not yet been established if anything was stolen.

Police have put on extra patrols around Brampton Road to reassure the public, and have asked people who were in the area to cast their minds back to last weekend and whether they saw anyone acting suspiciously.

Det Insp Saj Hussain, from Brent CID, said: “This was a horrific attack carried out on a very vulnerable elderly woman in her own home, and must have been absolutely terrifying for Iris. She has various medical complications on top of the injuries sustained in the assault that are likely to keep her in hospital for a very long time.

“Her family are desperate for any information from the public that could help us catch this man.

“It is important not to dismiss any information you might have as unimportant - it could prove vital to our investigation.

“I’d like to remind the public that crimes of this nature are incredibly rare, so we do not want the public to be alarmed.

“It always pays to be vigilant about anyone acting suspiciously that you see and to ensure that your home is as secure as you can make it.”

Anyone with information should call Brent CID on 07747 476161. Alternatively call police via 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.