Vicious pitbull terrier mauls dog in Wembley park

Heidi White with her Shar-Pei dog Elsa who was chased and attacked by a Pitbull

Heidi White with her Shar-Pei dog Elsa who was chased and attacked by a Pitbull - Credit: Archant

A Wembley woman has spoken of her fear after her dog was mauled by an unmuzzled pitbull terrier infront of a park full of horrified children.

Heidi White’s sharpei dog Elsa nearly had her windpipe ripped out by the large white pit bull which was running loose in Gibbons Recreation Ground, in Wembley, in front of a playing field of schoolchildren last Friday.

Her four-year-old pet managed to escape, but was then chased by the larger dog to her home in Bridge Road, which backs onto the park.

Mother of four Ms White said: “This dangerous dog needs to be found before a child gets killed.”

She explained: “It was around 2pm, Elsa was off the lead and all the children were playing in the park when this guy came in with his dog. My dog went to say hello and the pit bull just went for her. I was screaming at his owner but he just waved a stick at me.”

She said Elsa managed to wriggle free from under the dog.

She added: “I thought that was it but then the man let his dog off the lead and the pit bull chased her all the way to our house.

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“I was screaming for someone to help us, Elsa was screaming, I’ve never heard a sound like it. She was bleeding. I really thought he’d killed her.”

Ms White, who has two other dogs, took Elsa to the vet.

She said: “They said if she had been any other breed of dog without all the loose skin, she would have been killed as her windpipe was nearly ripped out.

“She is still recovering from her injuries, very sore, and on heavy pain relief.”

Since the attack Ms White said the pit bull owner has knocked on the door when only her 11-year-old son was home, who she told to call the police.

She said: “I don’t know what he wants. He did nothing during the attacks except wave a stick at me and members of the public trying to help me.”

She believes that more needs to be done to keep all park visitors safe.

“DI’m not anti-dog. Many are as soft as mine but something needs to be done to the pit bull owners who don’t do enough to make sure their dogs are under control.

“None of this would have happened if the dog was muzzled.”

A police spokesman said: “Officers attended and were informed by the complainant that a dog had attacked her dog whilst walking in the park. The owner of the second dog had left the scene prior to arrival. Enquiries continue to trace the man.”