Sentencing postponed for catalytic converters theft family

A recovered catalytic converter, left, and the tools used to steal them

A recovered catalytic converter, left, and the tools used to steal them - Credit: Archant

The sentencing of six members of the same family for their involvement in the theft of more than 150 catalytic converters from cars in Brent and across London has been postponed.

The McDonagh family - Gerard, 31, Martin, 37, Joseph, 31 John, 32, all from Edmonton, Michael, 31, from Wood Green, and Kevin, 19, from Enfield, were due to be sentenced at Harrow Crown Court on Friday, after they were snared by detectives at Brent Police.

They will now be sentenced on October 31 after they admitted their role in a sophisticated crime syndicate which struck across the city.

It is believed the converters, which stop harmful exhaust gasses being emitted by cars, were stolen as they contain precious metals such as platinum and palladium.

In August, Gerard, Martin, Joseph, Michael and Kevin admitted conspiring with each other to steal catalytic converters from motor vehicles and John pleaded guilty to five counts of theft of catalytic converters from motor vehicles.

There has been a slump in catalytic converters thefts across London since their arrest.

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