Sentenced: Man who threatened to kill and pulled out a gun on an officer inside Wembley Police Station

Ricardas Balsevicius pulled out a fake gun in Wembley Police Station

Ricardas Balsevicius pulled out a fake gun in Wembley Police Station - Credit: Archant

A man who pulled out a gun on a female officer in Wembley Police station after threatened to kill someone has been given a suspended jail sentence.

Ricardas Balsevicius, 31, initially asked the station officer for directions before becoming aggressive and making a threat on February 26 this year.

He then pulled the weapon, which turned out to be an imitation, from out of his bag and asked her what she would do if he pointed it at her.

The officer called for assistance and he was arrested and subsequently charged with possession of an imitation firearm with intent to cause fear of violence.

He admitted the charges at his trial at Harrow Crown Court in March and last week he was sentenced to nine months in jail suspended for 18 months.

He also ordered to do 300 hours community service, pay £200 compensation, a £100 surcharge and court costs of £85.

Balsevicius must also undertake rehabilitation requirement for 10 days.

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Detective Constable Graeme Cawsey, from Brent Police, said: “Being threatened with an imitation firearm is a terrifying experience for any person, as you cannot tell at a glance whether it is real or not. This offence is particularly galling as the station officer was trying to assist and help the man at the time.

“Firearms, whether they are imitations or not, can be frightening; and this sentence should demonstrate the determination of police to bring to justice those who use any type of firearm to commit crime.”