Woman’s ‘secret boyfriend’ from Wembley was fatally stabbed by her 16-year-old brother, court hears

Victim Risaan Udayakumar. Picture: Hertfordshire Constabulary

Victim Risaan Udayakumar. Picture: Hertfordshire Constabulary - Credit: Archant

A Wembley man was stabbed to death by his girlfriend’s teen brother, a court heard.

Risaan Udayakumar, 18, who lived in Wembley with his parents, died in hospital after being fatally stabbed in the chest at his girlfriend’s detached home in Watford on July 10.

The defendant, then 16, had arrived unexpectedly at the family’s house, interrupting the couple, it is claimed. Fearing reprisals from her strict family, the woman, 19, told Risaan to hide.

After searching his sister’s bedroom, shouting “where is he?”, he found Risaan crouching in a corner of the property’s adjoining garage, St Albans Crown Court heard on Friday.

There, it’s alleged, he murdered him.

At the time, the siblings’ parents were on holiday, having left strict instructions the pair were not to have friends round, jurors heard.

Because of the parents’ “strict views” about relationships, their university student daughter had decided not to tell them that she was in a relationship with Risaan.

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On July 10 she picked him up from Watford station and returned to her home. She hid him in the garage when her uncle came to check on her then, later, again when she heard her brother banging on the door.

Michael Speak, prosecuting, said: “Having searched the bedroom and bathroom and having failed to find Risaan, the defendant went into the garage and there he found Risaan, who was down in a corner at the front of the garage.”

The sister had followed her brother into the garage, unaware he had a knife, and then saw him set about “hitting” Risaan as he remained crouched on the floor, the jury was told.

Risaan offered no resistance and only raised his arms to shield his face, the prosecutor added. When she saw blood, his girlfriend realised he had been stabbed.

Family tribute

In the wake of his death, Risaan’s distraught family said he was “gentle [and] academically talented,” with a dream to build a Formula 1 track.

“Our family is devastated and will never be the same again. Risaan leaves a gap that cannot be filled and we do not understand why this has happened to such a bright and caring young man,” they added.

“Risaan was very family orientated and did not believe in violence.”

The accused, now 17, cannot be named for legal reasons. He denies murder. The trial continues.