Police warning of fake note scam

Brent Police are warning people to be extra vigilant after police received reports of a counterfeit note scam.

The scam involves the victim receiving a telephone call from someone claiming to be a police officer.

The victim is told money has been taken out of their account and replaced with counterfeit notes.

They are also told that a member of staff at the bank is involved and not to contact their bank as it could jeopardise the police operation.

The victim is told to go and withdraw the money, put it in an envelope and someone will come and collect the money so they can take it away to check.

They are then told the money will be returned to their account once checked.

The money is never put back into the account.

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Brent police have warned that they or the banks would never call an individual to instruct them to withdraw money on the basis it might be counterfeit and not to hand over money to anyone who comes to collect it.

If you think you have been the victim of such a fraud or scam, call the police on 101.

If the criminals are nearby call 999 and call you’re your bank.