Police investigating baby deaths linked to hospital drip produced by Harlesden company

ITH Pharma Limited is based in Premier Park Road, Harlesden (Pic credit: Google Streetview)

ITH Pharma Limited is based in Premier Park Road, Harlesden (Pic credit: Google Streetview) - Credit: Archant

Police have launched a criminal investigation into the deaths of two babies who contracted an infection in hospital from a suspected contaminated drip produced by a company in Harlesden.

Detectives are probing the production of the intravenous feeds manufactured by ITH Pharma Limited in Premier Park Road.

One baby died on June 1 and the second nine days later at St Thomas’ Hospital in Lambeth.

Investigating officers are also liaising with Cambridgeshire Police who are probing the death of a third baby under similar circumstances at Rosie Maternity Hospital in Cambridge.

The health trusts are not under investigation.

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During the outbreak there were 19 confirmed cases of babies developing infections including the three that died.

The probe was launched last week after the Met consulted with the Crown Prosecution Service.

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A spokesman for ITH Pharma said: “ITH Pharma is aware of a police investigation and will fully co-operate as and when required.

“There has never been, nor should there be any suggestion of intentional wrongdoing by ITH Pharma or its employees. We understand it is normal practice for the police to investigate such circumstances and it would be inappropriate for us to make any further comment during the investigation.”

Officers are working with relevant agencies to speak to the families of other babies who received the feed.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the incident room on 020 8721 4805.

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