Pensioner taken to hospital after trying to help man tackle robber of EE store in Kilburn High Road

The EE store was raided at the weekend. Picture: Google

The EE store was raided at the weekend. Picture: Google - Credit: Archant

An elderly woman was taken to hospital after being injured when a robber burst out of a phone shop in Kilburn High Road on Saturday morning.

The raid on the EE store near Kilburn High Road station took place in broad daylight at about 11.45am, with one witness saying “the whole place was smashed up”.

“There was nothing left in the shop,” said Amanda Moran, 50, who was passing by and saw the unfolding scene.

“A man was inside with staff and another man was holding the door from the outside trying to stop the robber coming out.

“He was holding his small child in the other arm.

“But the robber pushed so hard from inside the man fell over.

“An old lady who must have been in her 80s tried to get the little child out of the way and she went ‘smack’ and hit the back of her head on the ground.”

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The robber then ran off leaving the whole shop “trashed” and is believed to still be at large.

Amanda said police arrived within minutes, as did medics, who began treating the elderly woman on the street.

“She didn’t want to go to hospital,” said Amanda.

“But eventually she did. I’d love to know if she’s alright.

“Other people were just gawping and pushing people out of the way to see.

“I don’t go up there anymore because I’ve lived in Kilburn my whole life and I know what it’s like.”

A London Ambulance Service spokesperson told the Times: “We were called at 10:49am to Kilburn High Road to reports of an incident.

“We sent an ambulance crew to the scene. We treated a woman and took her to hospital.”

An EE spokesperson added: “We can confirm there was an incident at our Kilburn High Road store on Saturday 17th November. We’d like to thank the emergency services for their incredible support and wish the customer a speedy recovery.”

A Scotland Yard spokesperson told the Times police had no record of the robbery.