Neasden woman accused of stabbing man in Plaistow attack

Victim is also claimed to have had his head smashed through a window by female trio

A Neasden woman and two of her friends stabbed a man and smashed his head through a window during a row over a noisy party, a court heard.

Sagal Mohammed, of Tanfield Road, is accused of attacking Mohammed Warsame in Plaistow, east London, on March 18 last year.

The Old Bailey heard Mr Warsame was left with multiple injuries after he was knifed in the chest and had his head smashed through a window when he tried to call police.

Jurors were told one of the attackers, Maryan Samantar, had been staying at Mr Warsame’s flat since the previous year.

She staged wild parties and invited Mohammed and Salma Abdullahi, both 24, over on the night of the attack.

Violence flared when Abdullahi confronted Mr Warsame in the kitchen of his flat at about 5am, said prosecutor Gordon Carse.

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He said: “At first there was no problem but very shortly Salma Abdullahi berated him about a rumour she had heard that he had been discussing who she had been having relations with.

He added that the victim called Samantar for help but instead she pushed him in the chest, leading Mr Warsame to call 999.

Samantar is claimed to have snatched his phone and pinned him down while Abdullahi delivered ‘glancing blows’

Mr Warsame’s head was then smashed through a partially-cracked window as he tried to escape the scuffle before he was pinned down again and Mohammed is claimed to have charged at him and plunged a knife into his chest.

Despite pleas for them to call an ambulance, all three fled the scene and Samantar has yet to be traced.

Abdullahi, from Kentish Town, and Mohammed deny wounding with intent and an alternative charge of unlawful wounding.

Abdullahi further denies making threats to kill.

Trial continues.