Neasden rapper cleared of Oliver Tetlow murder in Harlesden

Oliver Tetlow was shot dead on March 9

Oliver Tetlow was shot dead on March 9 - Credit: Archant

A rap star from Neasden has been cleared today of murdering an innocent bystander in a drive-by ‘Uzi’ shooting in Harlesden.

Oliver Tetlow was shot dead in Church Road (Pic: Jonathan Goldberg)

Oliver Tetlow was shot dead in Church Road (Pic: Jonathan Goldberg) - Credit: Archant

David Osadebay, of Crest Road, was accused of arranging a shooting in Church Road, after a video ridiculing him was uploaded to YouTube after he was allegedly robbed of his ‘bling’ jewellery.

Oliver Tetlow, 27, was killed when the gunman mistook him for a member of the Church Road Soldiers gang on March 9 last year.

The video featured rapper Courtney Freckleton, known as Nines, and Carlos Abreu parading gold chains and a Rolex watch he claimed to have stolen from his rival.

Experts said a fake Instagram account had been used to make threats on Osadebay’s behalf while it emerged 6ft 3inch Mr Tetlow’s doppelganger stood a full foot shorter at 5ft 3inches.

Judge Gerald Gordon ruled there was insufficient evidence and directed jurors to find Osadebay and Mohamed Siamino, 20, from Acton, not guilty of murder.

Jahmico Trott, 29, of Shawheath Close, Hulme in Manchester, and Romarne Young, 22, London, had already been acquitted after a witness, Marcus Smith, changed his account in court and provided an alibi to their whereabouts on the night of the murder.

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Judge Gordon explained that against the background of the lack of evidence of planning and the weakened motive, mobile phone evidence also failed to support the prosecution case.

He added: “This is how justice works. It’s a slow and tedious process, but it’s an absolutely essential one.”

Jurors were told Osadebay’s musical identity revolved around money and showing off expensive jewellery as he appeared in music videos wearing gold chains, heavy rings and up to five watches at a time.

The musician had denied his jewellery was robbed in the early hours of March 9 as he enjoyed a night out in London’s Mayfair.