Neasden attack victim claims Brent Police failed to record crime against him

Detectives failed to record allegations made by 47-year-old

A court clerk who was attacked in Neasden has hit out at Brent Police after it was revealed the crime was never recorded.

Franklyn Jaffier was assaulted in Neasden Shopping Centre, in Neasden Lane, in May 2007.

But when the 47-year-old, of Tanfield Avenue, Neasden, called the police for help and officers attended the scene, no record of the allegation was noted.

For five years, Mr Jaffier has been fighting for justice and was even awarded �1,500 by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) for an injury sustained in the attack.

To add insult to injury, MP Sarah Teather has tried organising a meeting with Brent Police’s borough commander, but it has never taken place.

Mr Jaffier believes he was badly let down by the system and has even accused the police of institutional racism for not properly investigating the incident.

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He is calling on Brent Police to re-open the case so his attacker can be brought to justice.

He said: “I have been let down.

“The CICA recognised a crime took place but the police are saying that it didn’t, which is complete garbage.

“They have not been forthcoming in admitting the truth that I was attacked that night and that they didn’t bother investigating it.

“An apology would not be good enough. It is an insult to my intelligence.”

Mr Jaffier says no report was made of the crime, the officers noted the assault as a false allegation and he was never treated as a victim by the officers.

He added that no photographs of his injuries were taken, CCTV was not viewed or retrieved, a witness was not contacted, he was not updated or called back the following day and had to go to Kilburn Police Station himself to find out what was happening with the case.

Mr Jaffier said: “Why police would not secure CCTV after an assault shows incompetence and lackadaisical approach.

“This treatment of an unprovoked assault only furthers the belief that police do have some remnants of institutional racism still at work and until it acknowledges this, I think we will continue to see unrest in London like we saw during the riots last year.”

But a Brent police spokesman said: “Enquiries were made at the venue. There were no witnesses and no CCTV.

“All lines of enquiries were exhausted. If any new information is provided to officers it will be followed up.”