‘Mystery’ immigrant from Wembley jailed for passport fraud

Authorities have no idea who he is and will probably be unable to deport him

An immigrant who was allowed to stay in the UK and work as a bus driver despite authorities having no idea who he is has been jailed for passport fraud.

The father-of-four who lives in Primrose Way, Wembley, claims he is a 47-year-old called Jan Butt.

The Old Bailey heard in 2005 he obtained a British passport claiming he was a Pakistani police superintendent.

He lied about his name, place of birth and the identity of his parents.

He was caught when he was asked to provide paperwork to support a passport application for one of his children.

During his trial he insisted he was Butt and tried to ‘hoodwink’ the jury by producing forged identity cards he claimed had belonged to his parents.

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When the documents were exposed as fakes, he admitted obtaining a passport using a false statement and perverting the course of justice.

Despite his actions he will probably be allowed to stay in the country because he has children and has already been here for years.

When asked by the Judge Paul Worsley QC whether the man had leave to remain in the UK James Norman, prosecuting, said: “As a matter of practical reality, he has been living her for many years and has a number of young children.

“One anticipates he may be allowed to remain because of that.”

Nadine Matheson, defending, said the man had always believed he was Butt and only discovered he was not when he began gathering documents to support the 2005 passport application.

Sentencing him to ten months in jail, Judge Worsley told him: “The court has to send out the message that those who deliberately seek to deceive a jury by producing false evidence will go to prison.”