Mother of murdered Cricklewood woman speaks about her family’s tragic loss

Sashana Roberts was knifed at least 11 times by her ex-partner in front of her three children

The heartbroken mother of a young woman murdered by her ex-partner in front of her three children has spoken out abut her family’s pain.

Sashana Roberts, 24, was stabbed at least 11 times in her home in Ivy Road, Cricklewood, by 43-year-old Ezekiel Foster, on September 12 last year.

Her three children ages six, three and one where at home at the time.

The former church deacon, who lived in Twybridge Way, Stonebridge, admitted her manslaughter but denied her murder.

Today (Friday) he was convicted of her murder and sentenced to life with a minimum tariff of 19 years.

Following his sentencing, Lorna Roberts said the family were struggling to come to terms with their loss

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She said: “Sashana was a bright and friendly girl and a lot softer than people would know. She was only 24-years-old when she was murdered, I know she had done a lot in those 24 years, but she had so much more to give. She just loved dancing, always had since she was a young girl. She loved life. I miss her every single day.

“Sashana had three children; aged six, three and one. The two youngest were in our house when Sashana was stabbed to death and left in the bath; God only knows what they saw or heard on that day, I hope that her little girl was too young to remember anything but I know that her little boy has seen things. He still talks about it now. He knows that Foster killed his mother; he is a very bright boy and I just hope it doesn’t affect him later in life.

“Foster is a very possessive and controlling man; he didn’t give Sashana any space and was very jealous if she wanted to go out with her friends. Sashana tried to end the relationship quite a few times. It was never ever going to work. He is not the father of her children; he is too old for her and just wanted to control her all of the time. She tried to end the relationship only two weeks before her death but he said he would never give up without a fight. He used to worm his way back in and bribe Sashana with money. He would be nice for a while but that would only last for a few days.

“I would hope and pray that Foster is sent to prison for a very long time so that he can’t hurt anyone ever again because it is always in him; he could do this to another girl just as easily. We are still grieving as a whole family and the only thing that would help us put a close to this is knowing that he has been locked away for a very long time.”