More than half of bars and clubs in Brent tested for drugs produced positive results

Officers visited off-licences, drinking establishments, jewellers, pawnbrokers and sex shops as part of the Met’s Operation Condor

Toilets in 60 per cent of bars and pubs drug tested by Brent Police in a Met-wide initiative produced positive results.

Operation Condor, saw officers visited off-licences, drinking establishments, jewellers, pawnbrokers and sex shops in a clampdown on criminality in licensed premises last week.

Out of the 25 bars and clubs tested by police, 15 showed drugs use had taken place in their lavatories.

The managers received guidance on how to stamp out drug use on the premises.

Three people were arrested for drug and public order offences during the visits.

A further three people were arrested for possession with intent to supply cannabis after officers raided West Coast bar in Harlesden High Street.

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Two shopkeepers were cautioned for selling alcohol to underage children during a series of sting operations.

A total of nine people were arrested during a series of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) operations in the south of the borough including Harlesden, Stonebridge, Neasden and Willesden.

All were held for a variety of offences including drugs, firearms offences (CS gas) and offensive weapons in form of knives.

One person arrested for drugs was also wanted for a violent assault.

Cllr Lincoln Beswick MBE, Brent Council’s lead member for crime and public safety, said: “This is another brilliant example of how Brent’s drugs and alcohol team and Brent Police are working really hard to tackle the problem of unlicensed activity in the borough and sends a strong message to people operating these sorts of premises that they will be caught and severely punished.”

Safer Neighbourhoods Chief Inspector Sean Lynch said he was pleased with the operation’s results.

He added: “Licensing impacts upon everyday community life and licensing laws are there for good reason to protect the community from danger. “