Meshach Williams stabbing: Multiple coincidences link three men to a joint enterprise killing in Harlesden court hears

Victim Meshach Lee Mitchell Williams. Picture: Met Police

Victim Meshach Lee Mitchell Williams. Picture: Met Police - Credit: Archant

The prosecution has closed its case in the trial of three men alleged to have fatally stabbed a 21-year-old Harlesden man in a joint enterprise killing.

Meshach Lee Williams was stabbed to death on Harlesden High Road on April 23 shortly after 9pm.

It is alleged he was spotted by the defendants walking with a friend and attacked.

He fled to a nearby Paddy Power shop where he collapsed as he waited for an ambulance.

Dominic Calder, 18, Mikel Mulqueen, 19, and Emmanuel Kamara, 24 are all charged with his murder but have not appeared in the witness box during a trial at the Old Bailey.

In her closing statement on Tuesday, Sarah Whitehouse, prosecuting, told a jury to "pay attention to those jigsaw puzzle pieces" of a night that involved multiple phone calls between devices.

She said the men were seen together riding bicycles in Tubbs Road before "travelling in a convoy of cars... to find their quarry, Meshach Williams and his friend".

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The court heard a VW Passatt was owned by Mulqueen.

A Renault Clio had been bought by Calder, who was identified as being in the vehicle on the night through phone records to a nearby micro cell in the High Street.

"They were driving around for an hour and a half... They all disappeared together on their bikes before these cars appeared.

"Coincidence after coincidence after coincidence," said Ms Whitehouse.

"All the cars were together as they circled round and round looking for Meshach Williams."

She said they were together during an altercation with Mr Williams on Craven Park Road "then they circled round one more time".

Kamara, she said, was seen getting out of the Passat car and reaching in to the glove compartment where he took out a knife.

The Old Bailey heard he leapt inside the front passenger window of the car after stabbing Mr Williams which drove off followed by the Clio.

The VW Passat was later set on fire in Gladstone Park.

She suggested Kamara was a "savvy operater" who, following the killing, left his phone with his flatmate and bought a new phone to communicate with Mulqueen about disposing of the Passat. "What a great way of setting up an alibi for yourself. Leave your phone at home and make sure it makes a few calls."

Michael Turner QC, defending Calder, said there was "no evidence" his client was involved in a joint enterprise.

He added: "The crown puts much store that the Clio was following the Passat and they were following each other around on bikes for a long time. They were; it tends to be what young men do, rather like lemmings do, one follows the other without purpose. Dominic Calder was almost always the last of the lemmings."

He added: "This crime doesn't have anything to do with Tubbs Road."

Calder, of Redmead Road, Hayes, Mulqueen of Marshall Street, Harlesden and Kamara, of Crownhill Road, deny murder.

Closing statements were being delivered by defendants' lawyers as the Times went to press. The trial continues.