Meshach Williams stabbing: Harlesden man’s killer jetted off to Ibiza after gang attack court hears

Victim Meshach Lee Mitchell Williams. Picture: Met Police

Victim Meshach Lee Mitchell Williams. Picture: Met Police - Credit: Archant

A Harlesden man was left bleeding to death on a betting shop floor while his alleged killer jetted off to the party island of Ibiza, a court has heard.

Meshach Williams, 21, was stabbed on Harlesden High Street on April 23 shortly after 9pm after he was spotted walking with his friend.

Prosecutors at the Old Bailey claim Dominic Calder, 18, of Redmead Road, Hayes, Mike Mulqueen, 19, of Marshall Street in Harlesden and Emmanuel Kamara, 24, from Crownhill Road were caught on CCTV approaching Mr Williams in a convoy of cars before he was knifed.

One of the three got out and stabbed Mr Williams who fled to a nearby Paddy Power shop where he collapsed as he waited for an ambulance.

Kamara, who drove a Citroen, fled the country after attack and was only arrested at his home address when he flew back from Ibiza and landed at Luton airport on June 1.

Sarah Whitehouse QC, prosecuting, said: "Calder, Mulqueen and Kamara were all part of an orchestrated attack on Mr Williams.

"They were in cars that drove to Harlesden and they must have been specifically looking for Mr Williams.

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"One of them jumped out and stabbed Mr Williams while the others waited in the cars ready to enable the stabber to flee from the scene and to assist in disposing of any evidence that might implicate them.

"We cannot say exactly what lay behind the attack, and what the motive was. There had been a violent incident nearby a little earlier which appears to have been part of the chain of events leading up to the stabbing of Mr Williams.

"However, the details of that earlier incident, of who was involved and why, are not entirely clear.'

The court heard a VW Passatt owned by Mulqueen and a Renault Clio bought by Calder were also driven to the scene.

His friend was struck by the Passat as the driver attempted to turn around so he could pick up the knifeman.

The Old Bailey heard the knifeman leapt inside the front passenger window of the Passat which drove off followed by the Clio.

The three defendants deny murder.

A 16-year-old boy is also charged with murder after appearing at Willesden Magistrates' Court.

The trial continues.